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What are your gifts?

I spent the weekend doing taxes, and I have decided that doing taxes will suck the creativity right out of you. (On the other hand, I was quite creative when figuring out how to maximize my deductions). My point is that there are things that come naturally to me, and things that don't. Taxes are in the category of "things that don't." Here on the page, though, I feel right a home. This is not a new revelation to me. As early as elementary school I gravitated towards English class and ran away from Math. So that brings me to YOU. Look back to when you were a small child-- if your memory isn't so great, go as far back as you can remember. Recall the times when you felt the most fulfilled, when you were doing something that felt effortless to you. Chances are, what you were doing wasn't necessarily "easy"... it felt effortless because you were tapping into your gifts.

When choosing a career path, volunteer work, hobbies, etc, your special gifts and talents should remain in consideration. If you're trying to mold yourself into something that you're not, resisting who you really are, it will show up in the form of stress, fatigue and just plain "I'm not happy." To clarify, I think we can learn how to do things that don't come naturally to us (take taxes for example) and even do a good job at those things. Sometimes we have to balance our gifts with other responsibilities that may not bring us as much satisfaction. But overall, you will have more peace, joy, and a sense of purpose if your life is filled with more of the good stuff, and less of the stuff you dread. It's not rocket science (another thing that's not my specialty) but it's a simple truth that is often overlooked. I have been guilty of it myself. I have put my authentic self on the back burner to make other people happy, to be "successful", and for a million other reasons that won't really matter in the end.

If you're still asking, "what should I do with my life?" -- remember you don't have to figure it all out today. Start by noticing when you feel really happy, creative and fulfilled. What are you doing when you feel that way? How can you start bringing more that into your life?

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