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Maria and I have a lot in common

I love this quote from Maria Shriver from 2007, addressing the audience at California's annual Women's Conference: "As long as I was trying to anticipate what you wanted from me, as long as I was trying to fulfill other people's expectations, I was in a losing game, a game that I'd been playing since I was a kid. That's what I want to focus on this morning … letting go of other people's expectations of you so you can own your own life, write your own story and live your own legacy."

Has Maria read my website? Has she peeked into my journal? No. Maria Shriver has no idea who I am. But I feel as if she is a kindred spirit, and I applaud her for letting down the facade and showing the world who she really is. You can see highlights from Shriver's recent appearance on Oprah by clicking here.

We are all works in progress. Each day is a new opportunity to write our own stories.

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