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Attention, Perfectionists!

I confess. The perfectionist I'm calling attention to is me. A good friend of mine and my husband each pointed out some misspellings and typos in my last blog post. My first instinct was to freak out. What will my subscribers think of me? Then I decided to receive the lesson the universe was sending me.

Lesson number one: proofread
Lesson number two: run spellcheck
Lesson number three: recognize that I'm not perfect and in the grand scheme of life, this is no big deal.

Many of us have a tough time with lesson number three. I know I do. My fear of making a mistake (and failing to forgive myself when I do) sometimes keeps me frozen. Sometimes my choices can be easily erased or modified with the quick swipe of the delete key. Sometimes my choices have long term effects. That's life. The beauty is, every day I have choices to make. I can embrace my options and move forward, or I can allow the fear of making a mistake keep me stuck.

I've learned the key to peace and fulfillment is not "figuring it out" or "getting it right" every time. That magic "it"-- the facade of perfection-- is exactly that, a facade. Peace and fulfillment come when we learn to flow with the imperfections of life. Take the lessons they teach us, and move on.


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