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Clearing My Space

This is a good day. I'm zipping through Facebook faster than a speeding bullet. I'm checking email with more power than a locomotive. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But only a little. I just added more memory to my 5-year-old computer, and I can almost hear it thanking me for giving it extra space. For months we had been dragging along, reminiscent of those dreadful dial-up days. I came close to tossing my laptop out the front door each time I watched minutes (which felt like hours) of my life pass by.

Now that my computer is operating at a more zippy pace, I am amazed at the physical sense of relief I feel. Like when my car is not accelerating properly, and I realize I need to release the emergency brake.

Have you ever noticed the sense of freedom and spaciousness you feel when you clean out your closet, clear off your desk, or when someone cancels an appointment, freeing up an extra hour in your over-scheduled day?

I have spent the past couple of weeks clearing space in all areas of my life. Restructuring my weekly calendar so it allows time for work and time for R&R. Sending a pile of clothes to Goodwill so I can find the pants I actually want to wear. Tossing out eyeshadow circa 2005, and rediscovering what the top of my desk looks like. (It's a nice smoky glass... I was pleasantly surprised.)

I felt instantly lighter, more energetic and relaxed, more efficient and productive. Like my aging laptop, my internal hard drive can get clogged. Cram more files into a computer that's already overflowing with data, and I'm just asking for a crash. Our lives are no different. We need room to breathe. Room to think. Room to process and decompress.

When you clear out the gunk and the junk, you make room for more of the good stuff to come in. If you think you're too busy, too stretched, too committed to your responsibilities... ask yourself what it's truly costing you to navigate through jammed up, overcrowded days. Imagine how it would feel to release the emergency brake and zip down the open road. Or take a nap. Or exercise. Or allow that great idea to take shape. Or do the thing you really want to do but say you never have time for. The possibilities are endless.

What's the one thing you can do TODAY to begin creating more space in your life?


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