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“everyone is beautiful”

I just finished reading a book I highly recommend to any woman who has ever felt she has lost herself in the crazy, messy maze of life. "Everyone is Beautiful" by Katherine Center tells the story of Lanie, a stay-at-home mom raising 3 boys. Lanie's a devoted mother and wife, but when her family moves to another city, she begins to discover a side of herself she had forgotten was even missing.

Whether you're a mother, or not, Lanie represents so many of us. She inspires us to embrace our quirky imperfections that are perfectly intertwined with our divine gifts, talents and passions.

As I finished reading Center's novel, the Susan Boyle phenomenon took YouTube by storm. By now you have seen and heard her story. If not, you must stop what you're doing and watch this now. What I think is amazing about Susan's story is not that she's insanely talented; it's that everyone doubted her. We live in a superficial world, and despite our best intentions, we expect perfection (unattainable) and we make snap judgments when it's not delivered. What's more tragic is how severely we judge ourselves. And how we hold ourselves back.

But we don't have to live that way. Boyle and Center are gifts to us; they remind us that we are beautiful and it's our job to share our beauty with the world, regardless of the risk. No matter how bumpy the terrain.

I'd like to leave with this short video trailer from "Everyone is Beautiful." It's another one worth watching. And remember, "everyone" means you, too.

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