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What’s your perfect day?

Recently I posted an unofficial survey on Facebook asking, "What's your perfect day?" The question was inspired by my 3-year-old, who told me his perfect day was "playing trains and crashing trucks." The answers began pouring in:

"Cooking something (outside) over a real fire."

"Working in the garden, then cooking on the grill."

"A day at the beach: sun on my face, breeze through my hair and good music playing on the radio." Several friends concurred.

I couldn't help but notice the common theme-- being outside, doing what we love, spending time with those we care about. What I imagine makes "a perfect day" has a lot to do with how we are feeling while we're doing whatever it is we're doing. I would venture to guess that many of us feel relaxed, at peace, fulfilled and a sense of freedom when we are having a perfect day.

Here are some things we definitely aren't feeling: tired, stressed and a sense of obligation.

When I was contemplating leaving a stressful job six years ago, someone asked me to imagine my perfect day. I immediately saw images of me doing work that I loved. I saw myself pecking on a keyboard, writing inspiring stories. I also saw myself working as a personal trainer, teaching women about health and wellness. I also noticed that when I saw these things, all my stress melted away. I immediately felt free.

Both of those visions have come to pass. I'm still pecking on my keyboard, but I'm no longer a personal trainer. Recently, when I was working with a life coach she helped me see that what we do is not as important as the essence of what we do. I'm happiest in my career when I'm being creative, inspiring and yes, even entertaining an audience. Bottom line, I enjoy doing work that has a postive impact on other human beings. The details and the labels are not as important as the essence.

When you're having a perfect day, be sure to capture the essence-- what makes it feel so perfect? Understanding what makes us feel great and why it makes us feel great both serve as helpful clues as we navigate our lives.

So tell me, what's your perfect day? And why?

To our mothers

“everyone is beautiful”