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This week I was taught, once again, the value of perspective. When I find myself really stressed out and totally confused, it usually means I have lost sight of the bigger picture. I get so bogged down in the tiny details of my circumstances I can't see my way out. About a year ago, I wrote about how my son got glasses, and it changed the way he saw the world. Before his new specs, he didn't realize what he was missing. After a couple of days, I no longer had to chase him around the house or bribe him with candy to get him to wear them. Today, he puts them on without a fight. He has a new perspective, and he likes it.

I emailed a friend last night-- and admitted that navigating life transitions with ease is not my specialty. I am in love with my children, but I've been conflicted about my desire to stay home with them AND my desire to pursue my writing career. I've met lots of moms who have shown me it's possible to do both. 

I was torn, because it seemed I had competing values. As I write this sentence, my three year old keeps kissing me on the lips. Sometimes I wonder if there's room in my heart to handle all the love. Am I equipped to receive the abundance? It's mine to have, as soon as I change my perspective.

Lately, I've been surrounded by a lot of noise-- joyful noise-- but noise nonetheless. This week my husband took a day off work (LOVE HIM) to spend time with the kids while I got out. For a few hours, I was able to escape the external noise and the unproductive chatter in my head. In a moment of quiet, I was able to step outside my circumstances and see the bigger picture. And by the end of the day, I discovered that most of my prayers had already been answered. Even though I had felt like I had lost my connection, I realized I was never alone.

Can I getta Amen?

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