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I'm taking part in a little "project" on Facebook. I've joined many others who have committed to declaring what they are thankful for, every day until Thanksgiving. I guess you could call it a "feel good movement," and it really works! Getting in the habit of expressing gratitude each day doesn't take away from the fact that we all still have things we want and need. But if we start from a place of thanksgiving, shifting our focus from what we lack to what we already have, we are preparing our mind and spirit to let more of the good stuff in. Saying a simple "thank you" helps us remain open to the blessings and gifts just waiting to come our way.

How do I know? Because I've seen it happen in my own life, time and time again.

So will you join me? You can start, by sharing what you're thankful for right here on the blog. I'm always grateful for your comments. :)

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