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I'm writing this from the road. Four adults and three children stuffed into an Excursion-- an over-sized vehicle that feels a bit too small for us. We are traveling to New York for Uncle Frank's 70th birthday. It's supposed to be a surprise, but I'm pretty sure Frank's not reading my blog. My sister-in-law and I volunteered to ride in the far back.  Baby Blake and his car seat are sandwiched between us. I'm practicing deep breathing and pulling patience from the very core of my being. The bright side is, I enjoy the company. The people are not the problem. It's all the stuff.

When you're traveling with kids, there's a fine line between packing too much and not enough. There's stuff under my feet, between the seats, behind my head. I look out the side window and admire the rural Pennsylvania country side. I'm not much of a country girl, but right now, I'm loving the looks of all that space. At the sight of it, I'm able to exhale.

And what about you? What do you do with all your stuff? Are you more likely to save it, or get rid of it? Have you noticed a difference in how it makes you feel?

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