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A couple of years ago, some friends invited me to join Facebook. I resisted for months and months. I just didn't understand. I have a lot of friends. If I wanted to speak with them, I sent an email or picked up the phone. But eventually, like so many others out there, I caved. I signed up. I updated my status about once a week. Then the friend requests started pouring in. Soon, I was connected with almost everyone from my high school.

I'm from a small town, and I graduated with about 150 people. Over the years, many of us lost touch. Between college and jobs and marriage and moves, it's understandable. But this wild and crazy thing called Social Media has brought us back together. And we've picked up right where we left off.

Thirty years later... the call goes out, and we make plans to meet. When a friend is in need of support, we rally. Some of us drove 15 minutes, some several hours and some flew. We are women now, and we respect and appreciate how we have collectively grown and changed. And we find comfort in all the ways we are still exactly the same.

When the party is over, we hug sad goodbyes and go back to our daily lives. But I know that regardless of time or space, there's a pack of women who has my back. So many more than the ones you see in this photo. Sometimes I wonder if we're unique... if any other group of friends shares this same type of bond. I wonder if my own sons will have the privilege of taking their childhood friends into adulthood?

What about you? Do you know the healing power of sisterhood? Do you have friends who hold on to your heart, regardless of how often you see them? If so, celebrate those bonds by posting your comments!

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