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“You are the best mom…”

The other day, my 4-year-old said to me, "Mommy, you are the very best mom." "Oh, yeah? And what makes me the very best mom?"

"Because... because... because... you turned my Transformer back into a car."

Really? That's all it takes? Because if this is true, my standards and my son's standards are completely different. I know I'm way too hard on myself. But then again, most moms I know are.

I hope when my sons look back on their childhood they will remember all the times I was fully present with them. I hope they will remember all the times I made them feel important. And I hope they will forgive me for all the times I was distracted and impatient. All the times I said, "Not now. Mommy's busy."

I make my fair share of mistakes. But maybe, to my son, it really doesn't matter, because I stopped whatever it was I was doing to turn his Transformer back into a car.

A child's ability to love unconditionally inspires me and gives me courage to accept my own humanity, my imperfections and limitations.

I wonder if we have the capacity to love ourselves that much?

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