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flawed and fabulous: Nicole Elliott

I am a mother of two gorgeous boys who send me as often to joy as they do to crazy. I am also a high school teacher, writer, and education consultant launching my professional "Chapter Two" on

I'm flawed: Because I think I can do it all, right now, and do it perfectly. The only thing perfect about it is how it sets me up for failure.

I'm fabulous: Because I've managed to maintain good hair and be a good mother, which of course is a metaphor for the critical balance between taking care of self and taking care of children.

Additional fabulousness includes keeping the score book for my son's little league team, teaching my boys how to use their tough-guy voice to stand up to bullies, and giving them the very best of what I was given growing up plus the things I felt I was missing.

My words of wisdom come down to this:

You can't be the best mother until you are the best you.

Take care of yourself and show your children you are worth it and, by example, so are they.

flawed and fabulous: Robin O’Bryant

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