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flawed and fabulous: Robin O’Bryant

I am a work from home mother to three daughters all born within four years. (Yes, I know where babies come from.) I am a blogger, self-syndicated humor columnist, Christian speaker and writer represented by Jenny Bent of The Bent Agency.

My first book “Deep Fried Décolletage: Boob Sweat and other Maladies Maternal and Mammary,” is a collection of non-fiction humor based on my real life parenting experiences including trying to be hip and open with my 2-year-old by telling her she had a vagina (which she began chanting while I had a full on anxiety attack) to parading naked in front of my video baby monitor which shared a channel with several of my neighbors.

My work in progress is “Are You There God? It’s Me Mommy,” a collection of personal faith based essays and scripture references written specifically for Moms who are feeling NotSoSuper, as a reminder to look on the bright side and to help find the depth and purpose in the everyday monotony of motherhood.

I'm flawed:

Nobody is perfect and the sooner we accept that, the easier it will be to laugh about it later. I used to be a Type A control freak until motherhood slapped me in the face and made me realize there are so few things in this world we actually have control over, it’s so much easier to relax, go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

I'm fabulous:

I really am. It took me awhile to realize this, but I. Am. Fab. Also, I am hilarious. Seriously, sometimes I can just look at myself and laugh. (Bad example. I do crack myself up, though.) Just last night I had my mom, my 15-month-old daughter and myself doubled over with laughter as I taught her karate, while singing ”Everybody was kung-fighting. That baby was fast as lightning!!” When she woke up this morning and I walked into her room, she didn’t even lift her head off of her pillow but she raised her little fist in the air and gave a punch that would make Mr. Miagi bow and said, “YAH!”

My advice?

Laugh with your kids, and have fun with them while they still think you are hilarious. When it comes to research, sleeping schedules, private school or public, and bottles vs boobs? Take the “experts” advice with a grain of salt- they aren’t in your house raising your kids. You are. And you are awesome at it.

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flawed and fabulous: Lurenda Avery

flawed and fabulous: Nicole Elliott