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flawed and fabulous: Lurenda Avery

Hi there. I'm Lurenda, but you can call me Lu. I'm a working mom who has  spent way too much time trying to find the perfect balance, which I'm beginning  to learn is about as possible as finding the Holy Grail. I've been married to  Ben for more than seven years. Together we are Mommy and Daddy to J.K., the  sometimes fabulous, oftentimes crazy, 2-year-old, sweet baby Chelsea, due to make  her grand debut in June, and our angel in Heaven, Olivia. Yes, we've lived through every parent's worst nightmare. Our first daughter  was born at 24 weeks and she lived here on Earth with us for seven days. Since  that week, I've learned more than can ever be put into words about the importance  of faith, family and friends. I often tell people that while I would have never  chosen this path for my life, I wouldn't change a bit of it either. My journey  has made me realize just how short life can truly be.

As I stated earlier, I'm a working Mom looking for that perfect balance.  Like most I've tried to achieve perfection in every stage of my life. However,  I've learned that I don't have all the answers. I don't know what tomorrow will  hold. All I need to do is live for today and let tomorrow worry about itself.

If you'd like to learn more about me, the fam and my journey as a Mom,  currently in the 13th week of bed rest for high-risk pregnancy, you can check me  out at  However, I'm warning you now that I don't update every day, but yes I do give  myself constant guilt trips for not being a better blogger.

I'm flawed:

Obviously I've never found that perfect balance, but who has? I work too  much, even while on bed rest. I allow my child to watch entirely too much Dora,  Diego and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I even let him crawl into our bed in the  middle of the night because I don't feel like dealing with a screaming child at  2 a.m. I battle with the SAHM vs. Working Mom idea on a daily basis. My child is  in daycare five days a week, some days I feel guilty and some days I don't (but  then of course I later feel guilty for not feeling guilty, it's a vicious  cycle).

Although it's almost been four years since we lost Olivia, I still have  days when I just cry and cry and cry because it's not fair.

I'm Fabulous:

I've survived losing my first child and through God's grace I can hold the  hands of a grieving Mommy, look into her eyes and tell her with confidence that  she will be okay. I have an amazing little boy who knows his Mommy and Daddy  love him more than life itself. I'm strong enough to survive 14 weeks of bed  rest while pregnant with J.K. and God-willing will make it to the end of this  pregnancy after 19 weeks of bed rest.

I've learned that faith doesn't make life  easy, but it sure does make it more tolerable.

My advice:

Don't take yourself so seriously. Laugh at the stupid things you say and  do. Surround yourself with positive people. Cherish every moment. Kiss your  babies good night and thank God for every moment you have with them. Always  remember this quote, "Just when the caterpillar thought life was over, it turned  into a butterfly."

annoying, already?

flawed and fabulous: Robin O’Bryant