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Feel Good Friday: "Mr. Wonderful"

I can't think of a better way to round out the week than with this video by my friend and local musician, Frank Royster. Once upon a time, Frank and I worked together at a Charleston television station, and we quickly bonded over Beatles music and round-the-clock hurricane coverage. We rang in the new millennium together-- a small group of friends gathered at my apartment and listened to Frank play guitar.

I also have a few funny memories of Frank, like the time he almost wrecked the news truck when he saw a buzzard dining on road kill. And the time he thought I didn't have toes. I apparently put all my nervous energy into my feet. That day, I was doing a live shot, and I was curling my toes up into my sandals. When the live shot was over, Frank stepped from behind the camera and a wave of relief washed over him, at the point he realized I did, in fact, have toes. "The whole time I was thinking, Angie, you poor girl!" Frank said. He was about to cry, so happy to be wrong.

Frank has a huge heart and an undeniable passion for music. "Ever since I was a small child, I wanted to be a musician. Now I have released two CD's and have surrounded myself with people who enable me to live that dream 4-5 nights a week. I have been blessed!"

In the video for Mr. Wonderful, you'll definitely hear a bit of The Beatles and Elvis Costello-- two of his greatest musical influences. But Mr. Wonderful has a unique hook that will stay with you all day and just make you smile. And the video may induce a sudden onset of happiness. Consider yourself warned.

If you don't see the player, click here to watch.

Quick links: Frank's website, Frank's YouTube Channel, Buy Frank Royster's Music.

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