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We interrupt the inspiration for this winter weather advisory:



Bah, humbug. That's how I started the day yesterday. Freezing rain and a two hour school delay disturbed my groove. I had things to do, people. But then, the phone rang. My husband called and said he heard on the radio school was canceled. Since my son's preschool follows the Charleston County schedule, that meant one thing:

Snow Sleet Day!

Suddenly, my mood improved. See, there's a difference between a two-hour delay and a complete cancellation. A two-hour delay throws everything off track. No school means surprise vacation. It means wearing pajamas and the same ridiculous pair of socks all day long. No school and closed bridges means the government has given me permission to blow stuff off.

And that is very, very good.

I was semi-productive. I turned in my Lowcountry Parent column. On. Time. I swapped emails with a client. I wrote a blog post. And I hung out with my kids, because I'm pretty awesome at hanging out. Under a blanket. Drinking coffee.

And here's what I noticed, because you know how I'm always noticing things: There are few seriously pressing matters that must be handled right this instant. I'm usually busy being busy. It doesn't mean the things I'm doing aren't important. It doesn't mean some tasks aren't urgent. I simply realized much of my stress is unnecessary. Much of the crazy is of my own making.

So what about you? Did the wintry weather make -or break- your day?

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