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History of us

 My "roots" circa 1970 something

My "roots" circa 1970 something

Will you check out my smoking hot grandma? This photo was taken in the early 1970's about a year or two before I was born, and it's a jewel in our family archives. That's my grandfather in the hat and my cousin on the right. And let's not forget Frosty, peeking in from behind. A post on Andra's blog this week reminded me of this moment in my own family's history. That's how you do a snow day.

My mom said it best about my grandparents and their legacy, "We never had much. But they sure knew how to have a good time."

To illustrate that particular point, here's another photo of someone--probably my cousin-- being pulled on skis. Behind a car. Probably by my grandfather.

 Roadside skiing

Roadside skiing

The people in these photos departed this world too soon. And I miss them.

My family is as dysfunctional and crazy as most dysfunctional families are. But as I get older, I've come to appreciate my colorful history-- the origin of me. The other day, my mom insisted I watch the movie, Carolina, starring Julia Stiles and Shirley MacLaine. MacLaine--the eccentric grandma-- showed striking similarities to the woman in the bikini. My favorite line in the movie is when she says:

And, finally, Lord, bless my Carolina's heart for she is the best part of me. Amen.

And, I hope that, for the rest of my days, I can live out the best part of those who came before me. Because the thing they taught me-- the most important thing-- is how to love really, really well.


What pieces of truth do old family photos stir up in you?

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