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Singing in the car is good for the soul

 copyright peters

copyright peters

Yesterday, I came out of the closet on Facebook and admitted I have teensy weensy girl crush on Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. I think it started when she performed with Bon Jovi on CMT Crossroads. And then my friend, The Sassy Steel Magnolia, gave me a CD of Sugarland songs. This resulted in frequent bouts of singing in the car and pretending to be Nettles.

I especially like songs like this and this, which remind me of my husband.

And this one really resonates with me, because it reminds me of a theme in my memoir and a big reason I'm where I am today.

And guys and gals, who am I kidding? She's just plain hot. She inspires me to go on with my bad self.

Crazy thing is, this proclamation resulted in a pair of tickets to see Sugarland in concert. Thanks to Lou Mello, a regular here on the blog, I learned tickets for the March 11 show at the North Charleston Coliseum were already on presale. I had no idea they were coming to town.

I ran to the phone and called my husband. "Do you want to go to Sugarland?" I asked with the urgency similar to can-I-have-some-money-for-the-ice-cream-man? He laughed and said he just heard the news on the radio and was going to surprise me with tickets. Ahhh.

Then I went online and snagged us two.

So the moral of this story: it pays to expose your guilty pleasures.

What are some of yours? See if you can top my friend who says when she's in the car, she sings and pretends she's Beyonce'. She points the air vents towards her face for full effect. That's just awesome.

Hello, brain. Which side shall we use today?

Hey! Everybody cool it.