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The week of the technical difficulty



This week has been marked with technical difficulties, a term I use to classify just about anything that goes wrong, regardless of whether the snafu was out of my control or all my fault. Like Wednesday, when my water bottle spilled inside my purse as I was walking out the door to pick up my son from school. My car keys--and the remote that controls the security alarm--were floating in a pool of H2O, leaving me:

  • late
  • standing in the driveway, disturbing the neighbors with the sound of a blaring car alarm (triggered when I manually unlocked the door)
  • unable to crank the car, thanks to the security feature that stopped me from driving away WITH MY OWN VEHICLE.
  • calling a friend to retrieve my son, who borrowed the teacher's booster seat and drove back to school to return the seat after she dropped him off at home.

During all this, I did my best to breathe and stay calm enough to think through my alternatives. It's not easy to practice my yoga ohhmmms with a car alarm going crazy in the background. To my husband and my friend: I wasn't really shouting at you, I just couldn't hear. Finally, my husband figured out how to override the security system, deactivate the alarm and crank the car. Thanks for the tip, WikiHow.

So what kind of "stuff happened" to you this week? How did you react/respond?

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