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When the sun comes out in Charleston

Daniel Island 2

Normally, I use the weekends to flee catch up on things I didn't get done during the week, while my husband takes over as fearless leader of the three-ring circus. But yesterday, the temperature rose to somewhere around 70 degrees (I don't know for certain, since I assess the daily forecast by sticking my head out the front door), so I decided to join the fun. I went outside to play.

We took our bikes to Daniel Island and spent the afternoon riding the trails, playing in the parks and having a picnic. It seems that Charlestonians have upstaged the groundhog and declared the unofficial end of winter. It's not even February, but judging by all the football-throwing, fishing and couples kissing on swings (a bit too much PDA for me), folks are ready to get outside.

Daniel Island 1

The great thing about Charleston is how it invites you to play tourist in your own town. I mean, will you take a moment to ignore the state of my hair and look at this view?

If you live in other parts of the country, this post is my invitation to you: Come here for your next vacation. I'd be happy to play tour guide. Tip: you may not want to come in July or August, when the heat and humidity swallows you up like an itchy wool blanket.

But other than that, Charleston is pretty much awesome.

So what about you? Do you like to play tourist in your own town? And seriously, when are you coming to see me?

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