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Back in my day...

 Money Tree

Money Tree

A scene from The Big Chill inspired my February column for Lowcountry Parent.

Remember when Sarah, played by Glenn Close, is on the phone with her daughter? You can't hear the young girl protesting on the other end of the line, but clearly she says something like, "Mom, you're mean!" And Sarah replies, "Well, when you're a mom you can be mean!" After she hangs up, she says to Meg (Mary Kay Place), "Sometimes I don't believe what I hear myself saying."

That's one my favorite parts of the movie, second to the dancing scene. But that's not the point. I was just looking for a reason to link to the dancing scene.

In the column, I confess all the tired cliches' I use on my kids:

Because I said so!

Money doesn't grow on trees.

I only have two hands!

I try to catch the words in mid air, but they're already out there.

What are some memorable one-liners from your childhood? Have they ever spilled out of your own mouth?

We're gonna have a good time tonight

What’s practical or what’s possible?