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This is the season:

...of sick. Not sick enough to knock me off my feet, but just sick enough to annoy me.

...of getting my mojo back after having children and five years of little sleep.

...of choosing to stay home with my kids.

...of preparing to send my firstborn off to Kindergarten. Okay, not until Fall, but it's coming at lightning speed.

...of letting my previous professional identities fall to the background and identifying myself as a writer and a mom--and owning it.

...of believing in the day I will call myself an author.

...of feeling like a grown-up and wondering what took me so long.

And this is the season of understanding once I "get it all figured out," this stage of my life will be over. I'll be on to the next season, and I'll be challenged to reinvent myself again. And maybe I'll look back and wonder why I didn't relax and let things be. Why I didn't enjoy the season just a little bit more. For what it was. For what it taught me. For the gifts it gave me. But hopefully, I won't look over my shoulder too long. Hopefully, I'll be ready to embrace the new season that awaits.

Life never really prepares us for the seasons, but whether you sing The Byrds or quote the Bible, some things are universally true.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

What season are you experiencing right now?

This is my message to you (ou-ou)

Just call me MacGyver