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Summertime songs that make me happy (and dance on the table)

Per Cheryl's request that we dance on the table, I thought I'd get the party started. To me, nothing says summer like beach music and the Carolina Shag. If you don't know what the shag is, here are the basic steps. And here are some fancy pants showing off their skills.

When I was in sixth grade, my grandparents, parents, aunt, uncle and I spent the week together in a vacation house on Folly Beach. Years later, that family unit was broken by death and divorce, but I'll never erase the memory of the people I love shagging in the middle of the living room, sliding and spinning on those sandy hardwood floors.

Music does that. It brings people together. And dancing makes you happy. Even if only for a moment.

I'll start the playlist for your enjoyment, (but please ignore the terrible YouTube videos) and you can add your favorites in the comments below.

Summertime's Calling Me / The Catalinas

Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy/ The Tams

In the Summertime / Mungo Jerry (I'm not sure if you can shag to that, but you can definitely dance to it)

Happy Memorial Day. See you next week. Whatcha doing this weekend?

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