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Earth angels



Last week, a friend said to me, "I've had angels help me along the way. Let me be your angel." I like to capture emotions with words, but it's difficult to describe how it feels when someone says, I want to help you. Will you let me? Okay, I'll try to explain how it feels. It's a strange mix of relief and gratitude and humility and wow! that's awesome. Here's what I did not feel: helpless, weak or like I was taking advantage of this person. Or like she had an ulterior motive.

And here's the other cool thing — if/when this person ever needs something from me, I'll show up in a second. The giving is honest and mutually beneficial. When you give without expecting anything in return, it comes back to you. Sometime, somewhere, from someone or something — it comes back.

We can't fake or force that type of genuine giving of ourselves. It's not our job to save the world. To help everyone. But, how many times have you had the urge to reach out and say, I want to be your angel. Let me help.

Did you say it? Did you do it? And how was it received?

It's not always easy to drop my guard and let people help me. I talk a lot about intuition, and I believe we all have a sixth sense which lets us know when the offer is authentic. When the love is right there, extending its powerful hand, it's our job to grab it.

If an angel is standing at your door, don't close it. Invite her inside and just say thank you.

Don't rush goodbye

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