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We're coming in for a landing

 Auditioning for a spot in the Blue Man Group

Auditioning for a spot in the Blue Man Group

 Over the weekend, my husband and I celebrated our 11th year of marriage. We flew to Las Vegas and spent two days at a great hotel.

We've traveled to Sin City several times over the years, which is interesting because we don't gamble and we don't go to shows. We like the "bigness" of Vegas, yet when we get there, we do a lot of the same things we like to do at home.

And no, I'm not talking about that.

We walk around, people watch, work out and hang by the pool. We never make dinner reservations, which sometimes results in a cranky search for food after all the restaurants have closed. But most of the time, we spontaneously choose a place that has the best vibe and order food at the bar.

We enjoy flying out west. We like the desert. And we really like the Sky Miles that help get us there. But taking this type of trip is a small source of anxiety for me. See, I love to fly. And I hate to fly.

Let's break it down, shall we?

Things I dislike very much about flying:

  • Taking off. The noise, the unsettling sensation of being suspended in midair, how it feels when the plane turns, and when I freak out for a split second, thinking we are crashing. (Which turns out to be comic relief for those calm frequent flyers.)
  • Landing. (But then again, it's better than the alternative.)
  • Turbulence.
  • Dashing through the airport and almost missing our connection. Funny how this always seems to happen in Atlanta on the return flight.
  • Performing a balancing act in the bathroom at the back of the plane.

The things I like about flying:

  • Airports. They are like malls, only better. Everyone is going somewhere.
  • Flipping through magazines and catching up on celebrity gossip before the flight.
  • Walking on the moving walkway. It makes me feel like a Jetson.
  • When the flight attendant comes down the aisle with a drink cart. I take this as a good sign we are not crashing.
  • The child three rows up who giggles hysterically during the bumpy descent. It makes me temporarily forget I hate turbulence.

And finally, the thing I love most about flying:

  • The angels and the flight crew who get me safely back home.

What about you? Flying: Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between?

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