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Just keep swimming

Earlier this week, I found myself absorbed in the last few scenes of Finding Nemo. It was the part where Marlin and Dory are swallowed by the whale, and they're hanging onto the tip of the whale's tongue, trying not to die. Dory, who insists she can speak whale, says "Okay!" and suddenly lets go. Marlin grabs her by the fin, terrified and quite certain his friend is insane. The rest of the scene plays out like this:

Dory: He says it's time to let go! Everything's gonna be alright.

Marlin: How do you know? How do you know something bad isn't gonna happen?

Dory: I don't!

Marlin thinks for a second, holds his breath and releases his grip. They fall and are instantly expelled through the blowhole. It may be a kid's movie, but to me, the scene is quite powerful. Marlin asked Dory something we all want to know whenever we stand on the ledge, faced with a tough choice. How can we be certain nothing bad will happen?

We can't be certain. But we can choose to live in fear, or we can choose to set ourselves free.

After the rain

The grown-up play date. I highly recommend it.