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This is your brain unplugged

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You may or may not have noticed I took a short blogging break. Blog experts say you’re not supposed to announce you’ve taken a break. But really, if I don’t say anything, does it mean it didn’t happen? Did it make the time off any less necessary? But what do I know? So to honor the experts, let’s keep this confession between us. This is me not admitting my brain was begging for a break.

I rarely give my brain a rest. This can be a good thing when the thoughts are sprouting from an inspired place. Not good when they’re sputtering from a tail pipe of a car that’s about to run out of gas. (Not that I’m comparing myself to a car.)

This weekend, my husband said, “It’s nice to be 37 and finally settling in.”

“Settling in to what?” I asked.

“Just a day when there wasn’t really anything to do.”

Friends, we have reached the stage of life where bored = bliss.

This was one of those rare weekends when we didn’t feel inundated with “stuff.” I cleaned the house, shopped for groceries and wrote a little bit. And even now, I’m thinking, “Wow, that’s still a lot of stuff.” But on a typical day — even on weekends — there are usually so many other things on the list. But by midday Saturday, the chores were done, Blake was napping and Dillon was down the street playing with a friend. Shawn was sitting on the couch watching something on Comedy Central. I decided to join him.

“This movie is pretty stupid,” he said. “It’s about this guy who didn’t get accepted into college, so he created a campus of his own.” I walked in on the scene where the parents were helping him move into his fake dorm, and they were clueless. Shawn was right, it was really stupid. But neither one of us changed the channel. We kept watching.

It’s been a long time since we sat down together in the middle of the day and watched stupid TV. It was awesome.

Do you need to unplug your brain? Have you occupied your time with any mindless activities lately?

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