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A collection of awesome

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite posts from some of my favorite people. Perhaps it will lead you to an unexpected source of inspiration or a new friend. On going our own way:

It’s been 2 months since Becca left her job. She reminds us that sometimes we don’t realize we’re in a toxic situation (or just how toxic it is) until we exit. And I bet Becca’s bravery would make Giulietta cheer. Check out G’s fun post: Take this beaten path and shove it.

But taking a leap can be scary as… you know. Just ask Laura, who left her full-time job to pursue her creative business dreams “6 months, 182 days and 4,383 hours” ago. Who’s counting, right? But as Kelly, the queen of paving her own way and telling it like it is, explains: Serendipity Rules.

On traveling:

Jan escaped to the mountains in order to be productive but did something else. And Kerstin shares how traveling without an itinerary can lead to amazing surprises. But sometimes, visiting a faraway place can stir up a nagging sense of unrest. I’m not sure what was more moving: Andra’s honesty or her readers’ comments.

On why telling our stories gives others a voice:

Jimmy writes a poignant post about how a distant memory can be kicked back to life. And Kim witnessed a young boy being bullied at her neighborhood pool. You may be surprised at who was doing the bullying, and it raises the question, what would you do? I’m honestly not sure.

But I’m absolutely sure if I lived in Maryland, my name would be Abby. It’s ridiculous how much I relate to her stories. And she makes an excellent point: Clark Kent might be Superman, but he has nothing on a working mom.

On seizing the day:

And finally, friends, check out JD’s 25 inspirational movies. This list makes me want to jump on a desk and shout “Oh, Captain! My Captain!”

Happy Reading. You’re welcome.

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