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Things that make you go hahahahahahaha

 drinks with friends

drinks with friends

 "Mommy, is that your cheetah suit?" Dillon asked when I walked out of my bedroom, dressed and ready to meet some friends downtown. This was my first happy hour in quite some time, and Dillon does not see his Mommy in heels and makeup that often.

But I can assure you, I was NOT wearing a cheetah suit. I was wearing this tipped ruffle dress from Express. I also wore the dress on my wedding anniversary trip to Las Vegas. The dress is fun and a bit sexy, but Dillon's comment made me wonder if I should grab the plastic pumpkin out of the pantry and go trick or treating a few months early.

His tone was innocent and curious. He has Superman and Scooby Doo costumes hanging in his closet. So there's, perhaps, a small chance Mommy has a cheetah suit hanging in hers.

But I don't.

Dillon was standing at the top of the stairs, waiting for answer. But I couldn't answer, because I was a) speechless and b) doubled over in laughter. Finally, I caught my breath and said, "No, honey. It's a dress. And it's leopard print."

I tried to tell my husband the story, but I could hardly get it out. Driving to my destination, I laughed out loud every time I thought of it.

I don't laugh out loud very often. When I write "lol," I'm usually "loti" (laughing on the inside). So when something makes me crack up, like Dillon's comment did, I savor the moment. Laughing feels really, really good.

Lucky for me, my two-hour visit with girlfriends provided more tears-streaming-down-my-face laughter. And when I got home that night, I caught this scene from The Proposal on TV. Sandra Bullock and Betty White are just too much, and together they are so funny they rob me of my air supply.

The song "Get Low" appeals to the wanna-be hip hop dancer inside of me, but for the record, I never knew those were the lyrics.

What makes you laugh out loud?

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