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Your life is waiting


We've lived in the new house for five months now, and I still walk around in circles sometimes, trying to remember where I'm going. Simple tasks like unloading the dishwasher take longer than normal. I open a drawer looking for forks and find dish towels instead. And I still walk to the laundry room to throw something away, because in the old house, that's where we kept the trash can. For six years, I walked the same path, weaving the same pattern, day in and day out. So on days when I realize I'm still adjusting — even though those day are getting farther and farther apart — I'm amazed at how long it takes. 

That's what I'm thinking about as my oldest child completes his first week of kindergarten. He's feeling growing pains, for sure. I'm watching him experience something we face countless times in our lives. Change—even good change—can be hard.

Recently, my "microfamous" friend Kelly Love Johnson wrote a post about happiness, saying that sometimes you have to go looking for it. That day she'd found it, wandering around the school supply section of a big box store. She added, "Possibility smells like a new box of crayons."   

When I read that, something within me shifted.

Perhaps we can all take the lesson from the kindergartner. Get up. Get dressed. Cry if you need to. But keep going. Your life is waiting.

I guess it's better than a mullet

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