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Check your calendar. Then dance like no one's watching.



I remember my bachelorette party. No strippers. No (oh, what's that word?) paraphernalia hanging from my person. Just a beautiful handmade headband adorned with tulle and daisies. All my girls in a circle, dancing to that song, in front of the band at Trio Club.

And I remember the night I had dinner at a restaurant, and it flowed from the speakers. My friend said, "This song makes me want to dance." And she got up and did just that. The lady at the next table dropped her fork, stood up and danced, too.

Because, really, how can you not?

Especially when something as simple as a song reminds us love is changing the minds of pretenders, and we can feel our hearts ringing, in the key that our souls are singing.

Say do you remember?

Friends, I hope you all have a beautiful 21st night of September.

Whatever works. Do that.

When I praised the power of a postcard, this is not what I had in mind...