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Help. I need a playlist. Stat.



When I emailed Kelly Love Johnson this week, asking if she'd do me the honor of editing my book, I meant, you know, a little later. When you're free. I didn't think she'd say I can get started right now. And that within the hour she'd map out a plan to spend the next month or so whipping the manuscript into shape. Her plan does not involve me sitting back and eating bon bons. Or if you saw my Facebook status yesterday, eating cake icing straight out of the container. She edits. I write.

And so, it's time to flip that switch in my brain that allowed me to work in TV newsrooms for years and meet tight deadlines every single day. It's time to unleash my inner bad mamma jamma. That's where you come in.

In the comments section, please provide one or all of the following:

a) a song that inspires you. One that makes you dance in the kitchen or play air drums in your car. I've already added Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine (thanks, Kelly) and Eye of the Tiger (thanks, Rocky).

b) an inspirational/motivational/get- er-done kind of quote. I shall decorate my work space with them.

c) someone I can channel (real or fictional) when my inner bad mamma jamma fails me. I have Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights on standby. I need more backup.

Okay? Ready set go! (and thank you!)

It's all about i, i, i!

Whatever works. Do that.