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What keeps me from a life of crime



As I finished up another marathon writing week, I remembered a conversation I had with Dillon about a year ago:

“Mommy, what’s a bank robbery?”

“Where did you hear about that?”


That darn cat. I let him watch Garfield because I used to watch Garfield. But when I was his age, I also watched soap operas with my grandmother, so I suddenly questioned that choice. The only consolation I had at the moment was that he seemed to grasp the difference between what's make-believe and what's real, so I told him the truth.

“Well, a bank robbery is when someone goes into a bank and takes the money. Money that doesn’t belong to them.”

“Why?” He wanted perspective.

“Okay, well, if you robbed a bank, you’d probably have enough money to buy all the toys you wanted at Toys R Us.”


“But robbing a bank is against the rules, so if you did that, the police would come looking for you. So would it be worth it?”


Whew. I was on a roll now. “That’s why people have jobs. That’s why Daddy goes to work every day and Mommy writes. That’s how we get our money. We work to make money so we can buy things.”

He thought for a moment. It seemed to be sinking in. “So, Mommy? You’re always at the computer so you don’t have to bank robbery?”

Um, yes?

Living the rough draft

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