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And this is why I order from


Our Halloween costumes arrived in the mail this week. The cast of characters:

Dillon as Luke Skywalker

Blake as Yoda

Shawn as Han Solo (I have a thing for Harrison Ford. Lucky Shawn)

I pulled the pregnancy card and ordered a Star Wars shirt from I just can't bring myself to channel my inner Princess Leia. Dillon is very disappointed, so maybe I'll wear my hair in those terrible side buns. Still contemplating.

I ordered the costumes online and didn't think twice about shipping charges. Click. Click. Place order. Done.

Blame it on the Halloween of 2009, when I found myself in Hokus Pokus (hello, expensive) searching for a Scooby Doo costume for Dillon two days before Halloween. Dillon was three, Blake was an infant and there was one Scooby costume left. I removed Dillon's shoes and began the process of trying it on. I'll take you to the scene:

“Um, ma’am, you have to use the dressing room,” says the man in charge.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize.”

“There are several signs posted.”

I take a breath and gather Scooby, Dillon and baby Blake (who is sound asleep in the stroller) and head to the dressing room at back of the store. On the way, Dillon sees the rest of his friends: Shaggy, Freddie, Thomas, Percy and Diego. Now, he wants to be all of them for Halloween. I explain we have to pick one, so he concedes Diego can go back on the rack. I hold up Shaggy and Freddie, and he points to Freddie. With the costumes narrowed down to four, we make our way to the dressing room.

There's a long line, and we can only try on two costumes at a time. Then we have to go to the back and begin the process all over again. After two trips to the dressing room, we have eliminated Thomas and Percy and are still mulling over Scooby and Freddie. Here's the dilemma: Scooby's a little too big and not cheap. And Freddie looks like a dork.

That’s when Dillon decides it's "no pants Wednesday” and insists on parading around the store in his underwear. Blake starts to cry. The store is filling up with childless adults shopping for sexy get-ups for their Halloween parties. Time for the lady with the stroller to go.

We leave empty-handed. Then, Dillon remembers his heart is still set on Scooby, even if it wasn’t a perfect fit. I call Shawn and ask him to pick up the costume on his way home from work and pray it's is still there.

When Shawn arrives at Hokus Pokus, he's greeted by the man in charge. “I’m looking for a child-sized Scooby Doo costume. My wife was in here earlier.”

“Blonde girl? Two kids?” Shawn says yes. “Oh, I remember. She was crazy patient.”

I’m not sure whether he put the emphasis on crazy or patient. But I’ll take it.

My only consolation is Dillon was Scooby two years in a row.

The more things stay the same, the more they change.

Smells like waffle cones