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The more things stay the same, the more they change.

This week, my friend Lisa and I took our kids to the fair. Not all of our kids — just our big ones. Our growing-up-too-fast-right-before-our-eyes 5-year-olds. Dillon and Hannah have been going to the fair together since 2008. It's a tradition we didn't plan. It sort of discovered us. Travel with me, if you will, down memory lane:


fair 08 2

Love the jean jacket and the side braid.

fair 08


Fair 2009

Oozing cuteness.

fair 2009 2


Fair 2010 050

Getting older, gaining personality...

Fair 2010 041

...and still having fun.

Fair 2010 022


Halloween and Fair 080

The more things stay the same...

Halloween and Fair 038

...the more they change.

Halloween and Fair 047

But I hope they never forget.

Halloween and Fair 059

Hey Cowboy, may I borrow your rope?

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