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Hey Cowboy, may I borrow your rope?



Friday was Cowboy Day at Dillon's school. Notice my cowboy refused to participate in the dress-up portion, despite the fact that I sent him to school with a bandanna and a hat. As my husband said, "He's a lot more boy and a little less cow." Ironically, Dillon had great fun playing the role of cow during the assembly as Cowboy Henry wrangled him. After the show, I said, "I need to borrow that rope." I stood there, smiling, waiting for lasso lessons.

Cowboy Henry laughed.

Um, you think I'm kidding?

All this cowboy talk to let you know that I'll be on the 96.9 The Wolf radio show tomorrow. It's part of the station's Total Wellness Tuesday series. Ryan, Tyler and Jessica want to talk to me about moms staying mentally focused in the midst of the challenges of everyday life: kids and work and housework and the holidays, oh my! Apparently, they think I'm qualified to talk about this, or perhaps, that I can provide some insight into the real-life world of motherhood. 


Let's travel for a moment into my living room. This is my other son, making himself comfortable on the coffee table. Does he think he blends in with that red sweater and green pants? The photo was taken by Daddy, the biggest boy of them all. And then he emailed it to me with the subject line, "What coffee table?"

I'm fighting a losing battle here, people.

So I wonder what the folks at The Wolf and their listeners will say tomorrow when I tell them my real secret to staying mentally focused?

I tie them up.

It's true. I tie them all to the coffee table and leave them there. For hours. I bet people will be lined up outside the radio station waiting for my autograph.

Yes? No?

Brain does not compute

The more things stay the same, the more they change.