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The world needs more LOVE letters (from you)

 Hannah Katy Brencher

Hannah Katy Brencher

It all began in October of 2010. That week had been a hard one for Hannah Brencher. She explains: "I was getting completely side swept by loneliness every time I boarded the train at Fordham Road and rode into Grand Central. I had been crying a lot lately and really battling with unsureness about my place in this world. I didn't know it at the time, but I would absolutely call it depression now. I remember being determined, convincing myself that I would not cry on the train that day.

Instead I wrote a love letter to a woman who came in through the doors and sat down across from me. I don't know why I chose her. She just looked like there was a loneliness all perched up in her eyes that mirrored mine. She comforted me in a strange way, as if all her mannerisms convinced me I was not alone in all the loneliness, and so I wrote her a love letter. I became so engrossed in the letter that, by the time I looked up, she was gone."

The other thing Hannah didn't realize that day: She had started a movement. She wrote more love letters and started leaving them all over the place. She wrote about it on her blog and soon started receiving love letter requests from all over the world. Four hundred letters later and she has not stopped. But the project had taken on a life of its own, so she gave it wings and let it fly.


Enter: YOU. (Yes, you.)

Hannah and her team of love letter writers have issued a challenge: The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing.

All you have to do: Go to and take a moment to ooh and ahh over how pretty the site is. Then sign upfor a day to write a letter. On the day you select, you will get an email introducing you to the recipient of your letter. Then you have ONE WEEK to write and mail the letter to the specified P.O. Box.

That's it! Pick a day. Write a letter. Mail it. 

Hannah and her team have chosen 12 extra special (and unsuspecting) love letter recipients. And soon, a giant bundle of love—more love notes than their hands can handle—will be delivered to their door. How awesome is that?

I'm signing up. Will you? 

The highest expression of love is to give without expecting. The highest expression of love is to accept without exception. I have so much to learn. I have so much to learn. ~ India Arie

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