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Santa, that's my only wish this year


Last night, my cousin had a Christmas party and you'll never guess was happened. Santa stopped by. I know! Santa. Freakin. Claus. My son asked if he was the real Santa or a fake Santa, and I told him I wasn't sure. "What do you think?" I asked. He looked real to me. And I have to admit, I was giddy. After all these years, Santa still gets to me. Finally I said, "It's whatever you believe." Dillon didn't answer but seemed pretty mesmerized when he crawled into Santa's lap.

"So Dillon," the jolly old elf boomed. "What do you want for Christmas this year?"

This was his big chance. Dillon's eyes got wide. He looked at me. He looked at Santa. After what seemed like hours, he finally said, "I want everyone to have a good Christmas."

Tear. We didn't even rehearse at all. But I thought about it and realized that's what I want, too. Whatever holiday you may celebrate, I pray it will be filled with love and blessings.

On the way home from the party Dillon said, "Santa left in a jeep."

"No way!" I replied, in shock. "Maybe he landed his sleigh at the airport and rented a car?" We were quiet for a moment as we pondered the possibility. My husband snickered. "Santa's a mysterious guy," I said. "I'm still trying to figure him out."

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