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Nothing says Happy New Year like gift cards to the spa

Stress Less
Stress Less

How's that for a New Year's Resolution? It's easy to keep a goal like this when you're lying face down on the massage table getting a 90 minute prenatal massage. Lalalalalalala! (That's my pretend opera voice singing the sound of heaven). When you've spent the past eight months lying on your left side and then get on a prenatal massage table, you may find yourself contemplating cutting a belly-shaped hole in the mattress of your own bed. Just sayin'.

Last year, my resolutions centered around some pretty big life goals.  The focus was on the "doing." This year, my focus is on "being." I usually resist the exercise of choosing one word for the year, but when my friend Becca wrote a post about the word she chose, I felt inspired to play along. When I tell you my word, you may think I took the easy way out. The definition is broad. But that's my style: I like to have room to breathe, to evolve and grow. So my word for this year is:


This is the year to be in the moment. To stop putting off the things that really matter until later. To continue building on the personal and professional goals I've set for myself while being open to the parts about life I can't control—the things I can't plan. When I was at the spa, I felt relaxed, of course. But I also noticed how I could feel the blood circulating through my body. I felt alive. That's the opposite of what I feel when I'm just going through the motions.

This is the year of NOT going through the motions. This is the year of eyes wide open.


Of course, I'll weave in some practical goals, like being on time (I perpetually run 15 minutes late), drinking more water and remembering to wash my face before I go to bed. But even these simple things will contribute to lowering my overall stress level and boosting my health and wellness.

It's 2012. Let's live it, friends.

I missed my calling...

It's the end of the road for us, my friend