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I take my chances on every day

At the end of the month, Dillon will celebrate the 100th day of school. I don't remember doing this as a child, but these days, it's a big deal. I would love a history lesson on this. A Google search produced a children's book about The 100th Day of School and I wonder if it came from that. To mark the occasion, Dillon and his kindergarten friends each collected 100 things. My husband suggested our son collect kisses. I pounced on the idea and immediately started singing, "I always have to steal my kisses from you..." and although Dillon thought the song was neat, he asked if we could modify the project.

"Can we do hugs instead?" And then he listed all the little boys who would not want to kiss him.

"Dillon, that's an even better idea!" I said.

So we spent the past two weeks taking advantage of every hug opportunity we could find. And the result was this:

100 Hugs
100 Hugs

The project was a family affair, with all that snapping, say cheese!-ing, cutting, sorting, and pasting. I know I'll keep this forever. It's one of those things you have to see in real life to get the full effect, but if you look closely at the facial expressions, you witness the unwavering power of a simple embrace. (You will also see Spongebob and a Justin Bieber CD. What can I say? Love doesn't discriminate.)

It's like that Dave Matthews song, "Everyday":

Pick me up love!

Pick me up from the bottom... up to the top (love) everyday

I take my chances on every day.

I can't watch this video without experiencing a sudden onset of happiness. All you need is, all you want is, all you need is... Love.

Who will you hug today? 

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