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A peek inside the butterfly garden

A month ago, we hadn't done one thing to get ready for Cate. When I told Abby this she said, "It's your third kid. What's left to do?" Fair question. So let me break it down. Since the week after Christmas:

  • I took all the toys out of the playroom and found homes for them in the boys' rooms. 
  • The whole family participated in the search and purchase of a car safe enough and large enough to haul three kids. 
  • Shawn painted the former playroom a color called "pink whisper".
  • I cleaned out the walk-in attic. This resulted in quite a large donation of clothes and toys to our church's thrift store. 
  • My childhood friends and my neighbors held showers where I stocked up on girl clothes. 
  • I spent several hours raiding the baby store. These days, I have a much better sense of what babies need and what they don't.
  • I got a decent head start on taxes (I am the family CFO) and wrote thank you notes.
  • Shawn, my mom and friend Lisa helped me decorate the nursery.

Welcome to Cate's Butterfly Garden:

Cate Nursery 005

The walls created a design challenge, so we worked around it. I had envisioned hanging the mosquito net over the center of the crib but had to adjust that vision.

Cate Nursery 017

I also decided to pull the changing table out from the wall a bit, so she won't pull down the letters when she gets all grabby. FYI, a hot glue gun works wonders when you're trying to hang letters with ribbon. I opted not to use the hardware that came with it.

Cate Nursery 007

Cate's Butterfly Garden is a wonderful addition to Dillon's Beach Shack:

Cate Nursery 019

The Legos on top of the dresser add a nice touch, don't cha think?

Cate Nursery 021

The monkey hammock is my favorite. The fishing net is a close second.

Cate Nursery 018
Cate Nursery 018

Across the  hall, you'll find Blake's Boat House:

Cate Nursery 023

And the best part about all this????

Cate Nursery 026

Our bedroom is downstairs!

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