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I'm sexy and I'm um... what?

M&M Superbowl Commercial

This week, Jan wrote a funny post about how her daughter called her out for letting her watch the Superbowl halftime show, saying "Little kids should not be watching this!"  I hope Jan's daughter didn't go to school the next day and write about how she's being corrupted by pop culture, like my child did. Check out this literary jewel:

What's worse, do you think? That my son louded me out to his teacher? That he saw the naked M & M going "wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle" or that he confused the lyrics of "Sexy and I Know It" with LMFAO's parody of the song?

Thank goodness he doesn't know what LMFAO means. At least I don't think he knows.

I can always count on Abby to make me feel better. Check out this beautiful butterfly drawn by her son. Look closely.


Abby suggested I order a signed copy and hang it in Cate's nursery. I'm surrounded by comedians.

Have a great weekend!

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