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How mama gets her groove back

"Mommy, why is your belly still fat?" Dillon asked. Before I had a chance to respond, my husband jumped in and defended my honor. "Because she had a baby in there!"

"It's going to take a little more time, Dillon," I said. I can't expect my 6-year-old to appreciate that his baby sister—my third child, thankyouverymuch—is only 11 weeks old, and that my clothes are getting looser by the day.

Everything about my life is in transition right now—from the blog, to my daily routine, to the state of my closet—so when a woman from Fresh Produce contacted me and asked me if I'd be willing to select an item from their spring clothing line and write a review, I said yes. I need clothes. They have clothes. It just made sense.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the open shoulder Catalina Escape Top:

It felt a little Flashdance inspired, in a 2012 sort of way, and I liked how the top showed off the upper body and was flowy through the waist and hips.

I ordered a small and crossed my fingers it would fit. Surprisingly, it was too big. So I sent it back and got the extra small. Take that, Dillon!

It arrived just in time. Shawn and I were invited to a birthday party last weekend (sans kids) and I got to wear my new top. The babysitter snapped this photo before we left:

And here's another of me at the party, gazing off into the distance:

I'm probably thinking, "Oh, my goodness, I don't have children hanging on me that feels ah-maz-ing." I also wore jeans and strappy heels. It probably would have looked better if the jeans were darker, but again, I'm dealing with a rather limited wardrobe at the moment.

The top is 100% cotton and very soft, and it held up fine in the washer and dryer. No shrinking and no wrinkles, which is awesome because I'm all about convenience right now. When I browsed the Fresh Produce site,  I liked the easy, breezy feel of the spring collection. And I'd like to think that the easy, breezy part of my personality still exists, if only for two hours on a Saturday afternoon.

More from Fresh Produce: Women's Tops, Casual Outfits, and Cruise Clothing.  Children's and plus sizes are also available.

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