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This is my brain on sticky notes

brain on sticky notes

I decided to get my big picture goals out of my brain. I wanted them out in the open where I could see them.

big yawn

This is Cate. She woke up at the beginning of this paragraph. I snapped the photo with my phone and disabled the flash because she was inches from my face. She's yawning. She's tired.

Who isn't?

In a perfect world, I imagine I'd have large blocks of uninterrupted time to work on my professional projects. But part of finding freedom is learning to work with reality, rather than resisting it. The tick tock of the clock creates tension and fuels productivity. It helps me decide what becomes "yes" and what becomes "no".

I'm an intuitive person. I make decisions based on gut feelings. And I like how my new brain-on-sticky-notes approach works with my personal style. The notes are colorful. Not bossy. A rainbow of suggestions. Possibilities. And they remind me of candy.

I can hold Cate and stare at my candy shop of dreams. Which one will I choose today? Will I take a bite out of my book proposal? Nibble on my blog design?

I left my career in TV news eight years ago. Eight years. That felt like such a huge leap, but it was only the first step. When people say "just begin" I understand now—really—what they mean. I'm also discovering how joyful the process can be. When I enjoy the steps as much as I imagine I'll enjoy the destination, that's living. That's what it's all about.

Photographs and memories

Finding the familiar in unfamiliar places