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The world hasn't gotten smaller. We grew.

 nice to meet you

nice to meet you

"Wow. This is awesome!" Blake announced as we walked into the department store. A shopper snickered. "Look at all the people!" Then he walked over and started shaking hands with the people.  The headless people. "Very nice to meet you."

 all the people

all the people

At this point, I realized that despite our conversation in the car (I promised Blake Chick-fil-A if he stayed with me and didn't run) I'd lost control of the situation. So much for the quick trip. Why do I humor myself into believing that's possible?

"Okay, Blake. Come on. Follow Mommy." I wheeled the stroller forward, pretending the baby and I were moving on without him. "Blake. Blake?" He had disappeared. Before panic had a chance to set in, an employee pointed to a rack of very unfashionable pants. 


Does this bring back memories for you? The thing that allowed me to maintain my patience as he hid (and hid and hid again) was remembering how I used to do the very same thing. The images were so vivid. I could see myself surrounded by clothes. Best. Fort. Ever.

I knew I couldn't take this experience away from him. I indulged his adventure for a while. (And then I resorted to threats and ultimatums. Time to go. Now.)

Do you remember when the world seemed so big?

The point when you exhale

Photographs and memories