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The place that feels like me

Charleston Harbor

One of the biggest decisions I've ever made was leaving Charleston. The next biggest decision I ever made was coming back.

When you share your life with someone, big decisions about moving across the country and moving all the way back are magnified. My husband and I were just two people trying to figure out what we wanted out of our lives and careers. Two individuals, who looked across the table at dinner one night and realized we're not simply roommates. We're not dating anymore. We. Are. Married. 

But how? How do we do this thing? Because I want this and you want that. And what are we going to do about that?

Stay married. Come back to Charleston. That's what we did about that.

The biggest thing about leaving home and coming back is how nothing is quite the same. Even though we reconnected with familiar friends and traveled familiar roads and visited familiar places, we had to rebuild our life here. I was surprised that it took some time. I was surprised that coming home wasn't quite that easy.

Traveling full circle has opened—and closed—many doors. I don't know what the next chapter holds. And I don't need to know.

 Wappoo River

Wappoo River

There's just something about this place that makes me more accepting of all that is uncertain. The way it feels. The way it smells. The way the views stir and still my soul.

 Charleston marsh view

Charleston marsh view

This place that I call home. This place that feels like me.


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