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Who I am under all this mom

Angie and shawn

Shawn's flight from Atlanta to Charleston was delayed. I believe there's a universal law about this: Trying to get home + Atlanta airport = Good luck with that. He kept me updated via text messages.

"Boarding soon. Plane's here. Waiting on pilots."


Five minutes went by. He texted back,  "On a plane with people."

"As opposed to?" I tried to imagine why he would be on a plane with anyone other than people.

"People that can actually fly." Then more clarification. "The plane."

"Ah." I replied. "I'm glad to know you aren't flying with the cast of Madagascar."

And then my husband swept me off my feet. He gave me the compliment that trumps all compliments.

"Ha! You are funny!"

I'd made him laugh. And it opened my eyes to something I hadn't considered until that moment. Even though I'm quite witty (surely you've noticed?) my husband rarely sees this side of my personality. My blog is an outlet for my sense of humor. My friends and I laugh and make jokes all the time. But why have I neglected the "Seinfeld" in my marriage? The conversations about nothing. And when did that happen?

We were together for ten years before we shifted from Husband and Wife to Mom and Dad. We have a lot in common. We are friends. Depriving him of my funny is almost as bad as depriving him of... you know.

My husband—and my kids—need to see who I am under all this mom. This "mom" is awesome. But "Angie" brings an element of lightheartedness to the table of life, and yet, I banish her to the back porch of my own home. So to her I say, "Welcome. Forgive me for being so rude. Won't you please come in?"

Are you shutting out a valuable piece of your personality?

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