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Where in the world is Angie Mizzell?

Can you believe it's been a year since I revealed the pink cupcake? It was my 37th birthday, and it was also the day of my 20 week ultrasound. The bakery was on standby, waiting for the word. My husband called with instructions for the icing. "We're having a girl." Actually, it's been a year, a week and two days. On my 38th birthday, we had homemade cake:


blow out candles

Earlier that day, we went to the park. Butterflies were everywhere.

butterfly clouds

butterfly clouds 2


butterflies 2

As I begin my 38th year, I'm learning to recognize my voice. I know how it sounds. But sometimes, I still find it difficult to use that voice. To speak my truth. To say what I need to say. Eloquently. With ease. Without fumbling.

butterfly close up

I haven't mastered saying the "right" things. I try. But often, my truth comes out awkward and raw. But finding my voice and using it effectively doesn't necessarily mean shouting my truth from the rooftops. Sometimes, I need to speak up. Yes. But mostly, it's just learning to listen. It's learning to live the whispers of my voice.

When a family loses a matriarch