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I love you. That is all.


I'm sitting in my office. Blake is asleep. Dillon is sitting on the couch, watching me type and eating Saltine crackers. Cate is also having a cracker and sitting in a pile of crumbs. Sunlight spills into the windows by my desk.

It's quiet and that's rare.

Beside me is a list of blog post ideas. Things I intended to write, stories I've been writing in my head since Thanksgiving. Things that will have to wait until after Christmas, or perhaps I'll wipe the slate clean and start anew. For now, it's time to let it be.

All that was done and left undone. Just let it be. Be okay with how it unfolded. Be thankful for the New Year ahead. Clean slate.

I hope you will join me in a collective letting go of a year well-lived. A year we lived the very best we could. Because I know you, and I know me. I know we did our best. And an opportunity to do better is on the horizon.

So for now, Merry Christmas, friends. I raise my glass to you and say cheers. I hold out my arms and offer a hug.

This place keeps me bound to my love and my need and my desire to tell my stories. To learn more about myself, and about you. To start conversations. To share perspectives. To entertain. To inspire. To connect. All of those adjectives that may sound cliche but get right down to the heart of it.

You all mean so much to me. The in-person friends and the virtual friends and the brand new faces who pop in and say hello.

Thank you.


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It's more than my hands can hold