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Wait, you mean it's too early?

I was driving home last night after having dinner with a friend, flipping stations, as I do. I stopped flipping here:


Yes I did. It was the "Holly" station playing some popped-out version of "Silent Night". I also had the driver side AC set to 74 degrees. Because, it's not cold here. It doesn't quite feel like Christmas if you're counting on the weather for cues.

I've heard lots of people grumbling about the Christmas music starting too early, and I understand. But I wonder if it's the forced commercialism that gets us all in a huff? I ran into the Children's Place last weekend to return some pants, and holiday tunes flowed out of the speakers in the ceiling. 

But Christmas music all by itself, with no strings (or price tags) attached, is a delight. I'm ready to hang the twinkle lights. I hung some hot pink lights around the window above the kitchen sink for Cate's birthday party back in February, and a part of me wishes I'd never taken them down. 

To me, Christmas is a mood. I'm not always in the mood. But for whatever reason, right now, I am.

What about you? 

And here's something that was fun to watch this morning: A video celebrating Charleston being named the best city in the United States for the third year in a row. It features Charleston's American Idol finalist Elise Testone. Enjoy! 

Finally, I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving (I'll save the Merry Christmas for later!). I'm spending next week with the fam. 


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